Our March 2017 Super Draw Winner

Graham Austin, from Frinton, Essex, got quite the surprise at the beginning of April, when he found out that he was Local Hospice Lottery’s third £10,000 Super Draw winner. Graham plays the Lottery in support of Farleigh Hospice after volunteering on the Hospice’s Inpatient Unit for eight years. And on top of Graham’s special volunteering link with the Hospice – there’s another unbelievable and coincidental twist to the tale too……….. Graham explains:

“I was lucky enough to have won the top prize in the Local Hospice Lottery’s Super Draw which took place at the end of March 17. It was a great and very pleasant shock to find out that I had won such an incredible amount of money!

“I play the Lottery in support of Farleigh Hospice and I actually volunteered there for eight years, from 2007-2015, before I moved out of the area. I helped out on the Hospice’s Inpatient Unit in various different roles, including as a volunteer healthcare assistant which saw me provide hands on care and support to keep patients comfortable and cared for – both physically and emotionally. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Hospice and have plenty of very sad, but equally heart-warming, memories from those special years. So much so that when I left in November 2105, I made a £10,000 donation to Farleigh which I understand is being used towards the development of a special rehabilitation room on the Inpatient Unit. So it felt like a bit of a ‘Karma’ moment when I heard that I’d won an amount on the Lottery that was the same size as my donation!

“Whilst I will be giving most of the money from my recent win to family members, I will also be passing a small donation back to the Hospice, to help them to continue caring for local families affected by cancer and other life limiting illnesses. Hopefully my experience will show other people that the Local Hospice Lottery is a great, affordable, and easy way to support the essential work of your local hospice – whilst also having a great opportunity to win a fabulous prize too. Keep up the good work!” Graham Austin

Pictured above: Graham, during his time volunteering at Farleigh Hospice

Local Hospice Lottery’s next £10,000 Super Draw will take place on Friday 29th September 2017!


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