What your support means – Debbie’s Story

45 year old Debbie Reid has first-hand experience of hospice care and knows only too well why it’s so important that people continue to support their local hospice. She explains:

“It’s been a tough wee road. When I was diagnosed with cancer I just fell apart. I stopped going out or caring about myself – the diagnosis terrified me. But then Ruth, one of the St Vincent’s Hospice Community Nurse Specialists, visited me and persuaded me to come to the Hospice for a look around.

“It’s not the sad place you imagine – it’s full of giggles and fun. St Vincent’s Hospice is such a lovely place. And on top of the medical care, the Hospice also provides counselling and support for both me and my husband, Scott. He’s had a tough time watching me struggle, but the folk here really understand what you’re going through. Scott says they’re like our own wee family.

“As well as attending the Day Hospice, I’ve been in and out of the in-patient ward a few times. Every time I go home again I’m like a different person and able to look forward to small goals. What a difference the Hospice makes in me – I’m able to smile and be happy again. I never expected that.

“That’s why I encourage as many people as possible to play the Local Hospice Lottery in support of St Vincent’s Hospice, so that other families can benefit from the same wonderful care as Scott and me!”

All of the profits raised by people playing the Local Hospice Lottery are used to provide essential hospice care across England and Scotland. Over the next three years (from April 2016), Local Hospice Lottery expects to raise over £300,000 for St Vincent’s Hospice with the help of all the lovely people who sign-up to play the weekly draw in support of them.

By becoming a member of Local Hospice Lottery for as little as just £1 per week, you can help to ensure that local hospices like Vincent’s Hospice are able to keep caring for people like Debbie, both now and in the future. And with as many as 7,900 cash prizes being issued automatically every year – there really couldn’t be an easier way to help AND be in with a great chance of winning. It’s a win-win situation! Click here to sign up today!

Local Hospice Lottery benefits a number of hospice charities throughout Great Britain, click here to select your hospice