St Gemma’s Hospice


St Gemma’s Hospice is a Leeds-based charity providing expert care and support for local people with terminal illnesses. They offer specialist medical and nursing care to thousands of local people each year and offer invaluable support to their families and friends. Opened in 1978, St Gemma’s is the largest hospice in Yorkshire and one of the largest in England.

Care is offered to patients and their carers in the Hospice’s 32 bed In-Patient Unit, through the St Gemma’s community team and via their day services, which includes a Day Hospice and Out-Patient Department. Patients of all beliefs, religions and cultures are made welcome at St Gemma’s Hospice.

How Local Hospice Lottery helps

The care and support St Gemma’s Hospice offers is given entirely free of charge to patients and their families, when and where it’s needed most. This mean that the Hospice relies upon the ongoing kindness and generosity of the local community to help raise the £9million a year it costs to keep their doors open. Profits from the Local Hospice Lottery help to fund St Gemma’s Hospice, but most importantly, the Lottery provides a regular stream of income which the Hospice can rely on receiving, each and every month.

St Gemma’s Hospice is one of a number of hospices throughout Scotland and England supported by Local Hospice Lottery and all profits are donated to hospice care. After marketing costs, Local Hospice Lottery will give between 50% and 80% of proceeds from individuals playing in support of St Gemma’s Hospice to St Gemma’s Hospice. This is expected to be at least £670,000 over five years from January 2018.

There are lots of other ways to support St Gemma’s Hospice and these include:

• Making a donation
• Leaving a gift in your will
• Volunteering
• Fundraising
• Donating to our shops

If you would like to make a donation directly to St Gemma’s Hospice, or find more information about them, you can do so online at

Local Hospice Lottery benefits a number of hospice charities throughout Great Britain, click here to select your hospice