What your support means – Georgina’s Story

When Georgina’s mother was pronounced terminally ill, it was unexpected and shook her life. But when her mother was transferred to Sobell House in Oxford, Georgina’s whole perception of hospice care was to be transformed. Georgina explains;

“As I left that first night I was assured that she was comfortable and in the best of hands. I would be telephoned if anything happened and could visit any time. I felt happy for the first time in weeks! Sobell House had begun working its magic and I had learned a most important lesson – that this place was about life – not death.

“I was never once spoken down to, ignored or made to feel irrelevant. Everyone was patient with my endless questions and general worries.

“My mother was to spend six weeks at the Hospice and during that time they supported us through the Community Team who came to our home, as did her consultant. That my mother was home at all, and for Christmas, was a miracle made real by the determination, kindness and understanding of their social worker. Without her tireless efforts we would have missed many magic moments.

“When the inevitable happened I was counselled and comforted from the start. There was nothing but kindness and care. Mum was made comfortable and lacked nothing. Each stage was explained and each explanation accompanied by a shoulder to cry on. I was able to stay with her day and night and blessed to have her in my arms as she died. I am privileged to have experienced Sobell House. I know that my mother could not have been given more to enable her to live to her end in a manner that was dignified and personal.”

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