How playing the Local Hospice Lottery helps Dorothy House Hospice Care

For just £1 per play per week you can be in the chance of winning up to £25,000 in our regular weekly draw. Plus, you'll be automatically entered into our Super Draws and have the chance to win £10,000 every March, September and December!

Dorothy House was established in 1976 and provides compassionate care for its local community, supporting patients and their families when they need it most. Become a player of the Local Hospice Lottery and make a difference to people in the local community with a life-limiting illness. With every game you play, you not only have a chance to win amazing cash prizes each week, but can fund lasting care in your local community.

Further detail about prizes and how the Lottery works is available below

Sarah's Story

“Mum and I were always very close and I was stunned when she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. But then I visited her at Dorothy House in Winsley - I thought hospices were for one reason – you go there to die, and I expected it to be sterile and like a hospital. That was far from the truth – it was amazingly beautiful and the staff treated Mum with great dignity, kindness and love. Dorothy House is amazing, but it’s also essential. Everyone should have access to this level of support which is why I’d encourage as many people as possible to join the Local Hospice Lottery.”

How Dorothy House Hospice Care benefits

Your money will be well spent!


Local Hospice Lottery is a not-for-profit, hospice owned collaboration and Dorothy House Hospice Care is one of a number of hospices throughout Great Britain supported by Local Hospice Lottery. For every £1 spent to enter the weekly draw, Local Hospice Lottery gives an average of 66p to hospice care (significantly more than most other society lotteries!). Through sharing one prize fund and one set of administration costs – lots of expenditure can be saved and Dorothy House Hospice Care will receive more from every £1 you spend than they would if they ran their own lottery. But even though it’s shared, rest assured that the proceeds from each of your £1 entries will directly benefit Dorothy House Hospice Care and many local families across Bath, north and west Wiltshire and north east Somerset.


Local Hospice Lottery will give between 60% and 80% of profits from individuals playing in support of Dorothy House Hospice Care to Dorothy House Hospice Care. With the help of wonderful supporters like you, this is expected to be at least £3,200,000 over five years from Arpil 2022!


In 2022, £11.9 million was raised from tickets purchased by players supporting all participating hospices, with 3% spent on prizes, 12% spent on administration and management and 19% reinvested to recruit new lottery players. The remaining 66% was given to hospice care – an amazing total of £7.8 million.


And as Local Hospice Lottery has the largest prize fund of any hospice lottery – which you’ll have a chance to win in – everyone’s a winner!



How it works

Once you have completed the online form, you will be allocated a unique game number(s) and this will be confirmed in your Welcome Pack which will be posted to you within 5 working days of joining. Your Welcome Pack will also include lots of other useful information about how the Lottery works and how your ongoing participation will directly benefit your local hospice and the local families that rely on its services.


A member of our Customer Experience Team will also try and make contact with you, just to check that you have received your Welcome Pack and are happy with everything.

Then as soon as we receive your first payment – you’ll enter the draw and have a chance to win as you help!


The draw takes place every Monday (except for bank holidays, where the draw will then take place on the next working day) and winners’ cheques are sent out automatically. So you don’t even need to worry about checking your number(s) or claiming your prizes!


However, the weekly winning numbers can always be viewed on our website at (where you’ll also find a handy little results checker!), or by following us on Facebook.


Could you be one of our future lucky prize winners?

How much it costs to play

One game number in Local Hospice Lottery’s weekly draw costs just £5 per month and this gives you the best chance of entering every weekly draw, regardless of how many Mondays (and therefore draws) there are in the month. PLUS… the full payment of £60 across the course of a year also gives you up to EIGHT EXTRA entries (per game number) in our annual £10,000 Christmas Super Draws. Increasing your chance to win AND help!


Players can of course further increase their odds of winning (and helping!) by buying more than one game number if they wish and anyone living in Great Britain, providing they are aged 18 or over, can play.


Direct Debit is our preferred method of payment as it helps to keep administration costs to a minimum and ensures that players don’t miss a draw. You can chose to spread your cost and pay monthly (just £5.00 per month, per game number), or quarterly (£15 per game number), half-yearly (£30 per game number) or annually (£60 per game number) if you prefer.


We understand that not everyone will want to pay by direct debit, and for this reason you can also choose to pay by debit card should you prefer (please note – min of £30, debit cards only).


Everything will be confirmed in your Welcome Pack and you can change your method of payment, or the number of game numbers you hold, at any time by simply contacting us on FREEPHONE 0800 316 0645. It really couldn’t be simpler!

Prizes & odds of winning

How winners are determined and prizes allocated
On joining the Local Hospice Lottery you will be allocated a unique game number(s). Winning game numbers are selected from the unique game numbers of all players entering the draw by using licensed Random Number Generator (RNG) software. The player with the first game number randomly selected wins the £2,000 prize (or the £10,000 prize if a Super Draw).


How Proceeds are Spent and Odds of Winning
In 2022, £11.9 million was raised from tickets purchased by players supporting all participating hospices, with 3% spent on prizes, 12% spent on administration and management and 19% reinvested to recruit new lottery players. The remaining 66% was given to hospice care – an amazing total of £7.8 million. Based on estimated draw-entry numbers in 2023/24, the likelihood of winning a prize in the weekly draw is, on average, 1 in 1236. Similarly, for the September and March Super Draws the likelihood of winning a prize is estimated at 1 in 1577, and for the Christmas Super Draw at 1 in 7694.

“I wanted to give something back to the hospice following the amazing support and care they gave my sister. They were brilliant and for that I am so grateful.

I never thought I would win anything when I signed up, I’m slightly in shock but extremely happy with my win!”
£25,000 Rollover Winner

*All prizes are guaranteed to be won each week with the exception of the £1,000 prize, which has a 1 in 10 chance of being won. If not won, it will roll over to the next regular weekly draw and accumulate, to a maximum value of £25,000.The lottery draw is run every Monday (with the exception of bank holidays, when the draw takes place on the next working day).

Playing the Local Hospice Lottery is an easy, fun and affordable way to get involved and help!
For just £5 a month, you can help the Hospice to keep caring locally AND be in with a chance to win fantastic cash prizes every week too.So it’s Win-Win!

The proceeds from every £1 YOU spend will directly benefit YOUR local hospice and the LOCAL families Dorothy House Hospice Care supports!

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