Terms & conditions

Choosing the hospice you wish to support

Local Hospice Lottery provides funds for hospice care throughout different parts of Great Britain. A list of the hospices which benefit from Local Hospice Lottery is available on our website or upon request. The application completed by players as a request to join this membership lottery will be used to identify the hospice that the player wishes to support. A proportion of the payment the player makes will go directly to the hospice that is chosen. Local Hospice Lottery will process the application based on this information and will ensure the proportions of payments from the player’s membership are paid to the relevant hospice in line with Local Hospice Lottery’s contractual obligations.


Joining the lottery

You must be at least 18 years old and resident in Great Britain to join the Local Hospice Lottery. On receipt of a request to join this membership lottery, the Local Hospice Lottery office will send you a welcome letter advising you of your unique game number (or numbers); a membership card for easy reference; and further information about Local Hospice Lottery and how your support benefits hospice care. This information will clearly identify the hospice you have chosen. Your unique game number will be generated randomly by our lottery software during the process of setting you up as a new member. Local Hospice Lottery (the Promoter) may also reject an application, at their discretion, if they consider they have sufficient reason to do so. The applicant would have the right to appeal against such a decision.


Lottery subscriptions

In return for your subscription payment your unique game number will be entered into the weekly draw, which is normally carried out every Friday (with the exception of Bank Holidays where the draw will take place on the Thursday before). The cost of entry is £1 per chance, per draw, payable in advance. We are required by law to collect payments in advance of all of our draws. After we have received your payment we need time to collate the details of all the participants for that week and input them into the lottery software in preparation for the draw. ‘Back payments’ cannot be accepted. Payment can be made by regular standing order, direct debit, cheque, or debit card (we do not accept credit cards) or through a Local Hospice Lottery agent (if this option is available in your area). Local Hospice Lottery cannot accept liability for the loss of or delays in or theft of any communication sent either by post, email or fax, or for any delays in the banking system.


Prizes and Result Publication

You will be notified in writing of any prize that you win within 7 days of the draw. A cheque for your prize amount will be sent with your notification letter.
Our winning numbers are published weekly on our website at www.localhospicelottery.org or are available on request by email or via post if sent with a stamped addressed envelope. A number of the hospices that Local Hospice Lottery works with may also publish the results on their websites and/or display the weekly results on posters in their shops.


Uncashed Prize Cheques

Cheques are valid for 6 months from date of issue. Any cheques that are not cashed after six months will be deemed to be cancelled and treated as a donation to the hospice you have chosen to support.


Customer Funds

Local Hospice Lottery is required by its Operating License to inform customers about what happens to funds which are held on account in the unlikely event of insolvency (http://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/for-the-public/Your-rights/Protection-of-customer-funds.aspx). Customer funds are held by Local Hospice Lottery in a separate UK bank account with Lloyds Bank Plc and are subject to financial management controls which ensure that the balance on the account always remains above the total value of customer funds held. These funds are not protected in the unlikely event of insolvency, and the customer will not be able to access any such funds in this eventuality. This meets the Gambling Commission’s requirements for the segregation of customer funds at the level of “Not protected (with segregation of funds)”.



Local Hospice Lottery promises to comply with the data protection legislation requirements to protect your personal data for the purposes of administering your participation in the weekly draw and communicating with you about your membership. Local Hospice Lottery will also keep you updated on existing lottery products that you may be interested in, including the Super Draws, as well as new products and services by post. Local Hospice Lottery will not share your data with third parties for marketing purposes, except with the charity of your choice. Depending upon your expressed/indicated communication preferences, your chosen hospice may occasionally keep you up to date with the work that your contributions help to fund. To view our Privacy Policy please visit www.localhospicelottery.org/privacy-policy.


Age verification

The requirements of the Gambling Act 2005 mean that Local Hospice Lottery has a statutory duty to verify that all players are at least 16 years old. It is an offence for anyone under the age of 16 to participate in a lottery. However, Local Hospice Lottery, as part of its commitment to responsible gambling, has set a higher minimum age of 18 years for all new players. Discovery of underage participation will result in the refunding of all subscription credits and, if applicable, the withholding or reclaiming of any prizes won in the weekly draw.

By submitting your request to join this lottery, you are agreeing to Local Hospice Lottery being able to carry out checks in any way it deems appropriate.


Standing Order, Direct Debit and Card Payments

Your written authority is required to set up a regular payment using the standing order method, unless you choose to liaise directly with your bank, in which case we request that a quoting reference (supplied by us) is added to your mandate.

Direct debits can be set up in writing, on-line, with one of our agents or via the telephone and subject to the Direct Debit guarantee. Your standing order or direct debit record will be retained for a period of at least three years following your final payment.
Monthly subscriptions of £4.34 via these methods includes 34p which accumulates and funds the extra weeks in 5 week months.

Please note: If you are paying monthly by Direct Debit, your very first payment will be £1 more (so £5.34) per game number. As some months have 5 lottery draws in them, this just ensures that you will have enough credit and don’t miss a draw. After your first monthly Direct Debit payment, ongoing payments will be £4.34 per game number, per month.

If you wish to make your payment by card, either online or via the telephone, you can only do this by using a Debit Card as we cannot accept Credit Cards.


If you wish to cancel your membership you may do so at any time. Please contact the lottery team on 0800 316 0645 or click here to complete and send the cancellation form.



It is the policy of Local Hospice Lottery not to give refunds once the payment has been processed onto the lottery software. In the case of standing order payments where the player’s bank errs in the amount or frequency of payment requested by the player, and over-subscribes as a result, a refund will be offered.

If a player leaves with a credit of less than £1 Local Hospice Lottery will treat such amounts as a donation to the hospice you have chosen to support. If a player who subscribes to Local Hospice Lottery via Standing Order contacts us to cancel their membership we will update our records with the cancellation but inform them that they are responsible for cancelling their Standing Order with the bank. Should Local Hospice Lottery receive any further payments in this instance we will write to the customer reminding them that they need to cancel the payment with their bank and confirming that if they do not do so any payments will be treated as a donation to the hospice.


Entry into Draws

Should you at any time wish to confirm that you have been, or will be, entered into a draw, please contact the Local Hospice Lottery team on 0800 316 0645, or email us at info@localhospicelottery.org.


Complaints & Disputes

Any complaints or disputes will be dealt with in accordance with Local Hospice Lottery’s current policies and procedures – a copy of which would be made available on request at such time. Local Hospice Lottery’s Procedure for making a Complaint can be downloaded here. In the event that a complaint or dispute cannot be resolved by these means, then it may be referred to the Fundraising Regulator or arbitration. As a member of the Hospice Lotteries Association and the Lotteries Council, dependent on the nature of the complaint, this may be conducted by The Independent Betting Adjudication Service Ltd (IBAS).


Right to amend

The Local Hospice Lottery generally reserves the right to amend or modify these terms and conditions without notice.
It is the responsibility of the player to advise us of any change of address or of any other change to their membership details, as appropriate. Upon receipt of this advice, and any necessary verifications, Local Hospice Lottery shall amend the player’s details in accordance with data protection legislation.


Responsible Gambling

Local Hospice Lottery is a member of the Hospice Lotteries Association and the Lotteries Council, who on behalf of their members make financial contributions to Gamble Aware, an independent charity tasked to fund research, education and treatment services to help to reduce gambling-related harms in Great Britain. Further support can be found at the Gamble Aware website www.begambleaware.org.



Any requests to be self excluded from Local Hospice Lottery – either by telephone, in writing, by email or completion of our website self-exclusion form – will be actioned with immediate effect. Anyone wishing to use this facility will not then be able to participate in the Local Hospice Lottery for a minimum of 6 months thereafter. The required period should be stipulated within the request or will be verified by Local Hospice Lottery as part of actioning the request. The self-exclusion will also be notified to the supported hospice, to avoid any inappropriate contact being made by them.


Company information

Local Hospice Lottery Ltd is licensed by the Gambling Commission (www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk) under the Gambling Act 2005, and is a member of the Hospice Lotteries Association and the Lotteries Council.


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Privacy Policy

Local Hospice Lottery Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal data. We will respect any personal data you share with us and keep it safe. We aim to be clear when we collect your personal data and not do anything you wouldn’t reasonably expect.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to understand our practices regarding your personal data and how we will collect, use and store your personal data. We may update this policy from time to time so please check it regularly. If there are significant updates, we will notify you.

1. Who we are

2. Why we collect personal data and the purposes for which we use it

3. What lawful bases we rely on to use your personal data

4. How we collect personal data

5. Communications and marketing

6. Data sharing

7. Children’s data

8. How we keep your personal data safe and who has access to it

9. Your rights

10. Complaints

11. Data retention

12. Contact

13. Changes to this privacy policy


1. Who we are

Local Hospice Lottery Ltd (referred to as “Local Hospice Lottery” throughout this policy) is a private limited company with registered company number 03226004 and registered address Farleigh Hospice, North Court Road, Broomfield, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 7FH.

References to “we” and “us” in this policy refer to Local Hospice Lottery.

Local Hospice Lottery is a data controller of your personal data.

The Local Hospice Lottery website can be found at https://www.localhospicelottery.org/ (“the Website”).


2. Why we collect personal data and the purposes for which we use it

This section aims to set out the types of personal data which we may collect and hold about you, as well as explaining to you how we will use this information.


2.1 What personal data do we hold?

We may hold the following information about you:

· your full name and your title;

· postal address;

· telephone number(s);

· email address;

· records of your correspondence with us;

· financial information such as bank account details (when you make a payment to us);

· which of our member local hospices you wish to support; and

· information you enter onto the Website.


But we may also request other personal data where it is appropriate and relevant, for example:

· details of how you would like to be involved with us and your relevant partner hospice ; and

· personal data about you that will enable us to be more precise in what we send you or how we approach you.


Subject to the below paragraph, we will only process sensitive personal data also known as special categories of data (e.g. in relation to your health), with your explicit consent, for reasons of substantial public interests or where necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

We may, in some situations, process data relating to your health, and in particular if you tell us that you have a gambling addiction. However, we will only process this type of data when you specifically provide us with this information, and request our assistance in signposting you to relevant organisations who can assist you. We will always ensure that we keep this information secure, in line with the safeguards set out elsewhere in this policy.


2.2 How and why will we use this personal data?

We collect and use your personal data in different ways, to allow you to interact with us and to improve how we communicate with you.


2.2.1 We will use your personal data to:

· allow us to provide you with the information or service you have requested from us, including administering your participation in the weekly draw, Superdraw or any other service we offer from time to time;

· provide you with information which we think you will be interested in by post, and where you have indicated that you are happy for us to do so by e-mail and telephone;

· understand how people use our Website;

· tailor information and services we provide to ensure they are relevant to you;

· keep a record of our relationship with you;

· keep in contact with you in the ways that you have requested;

· notify you about changes to our service;

· comply with applicable laws and regulations and requests from statutory agencies; and

· carry out any obligations or provide you with any other services, functionality or content which you specifically agree to on our Website.

For the avoidance of doubt, we do not use personal data for automated decision-making which produces legal effects or similarly significantly affects individuals.


3. What lawful bases do we rely on to use your personal data?

Local Hospice Lottery requires a legal basis to collect and use your personal data under data protection laws. We rely upon four different legal bases, depending on how and why you provided us with your data. The legal bases that we rely on for processing your personal data are:


3.1 You have provided your consent to us using your personal data for a specific purpose:

We will ask for your consent to use your personal data to send you electronic marketing communications such as emails.

You always have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.


3.2 It is necessary in connection with the performance of a contract with you:

Sometimes it is necessary to process your personal data so that we can enter into contractual relationships with you. For example, if you sign up to participate in the weekly draw, we will require your personal data to enable us to perform our agreement.


3.3 It is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which we are subject:

This would include where we have to retain certain records, for example.


3.4 It is within our legitimate interests.

Applicable law allows personal data to be collected and used if it is reasonably necessary for our legitimate interests or a third party’s legitimate interests (as long as the processing is fair, balanced and does not unduly impact individuals’ rights). We will rely on this ground to process your personal data when it is not practical or appropriate to ask for your consent, and where we are confident that this will not impact your rights.

Our legitimate interests are achieving our purpose of administering a weekly lottery with the sole purpose of providing financial support to adult and children’s hospices throughout the UK. We also have a legitimate interest in publicity and income generation, and have legitimate interests to encourage more and more people to sign up to our weekly draw.

We will also rely on our legitimate interests for the proper administration of Local Hospice Lottery, and to manage our operations (for example, maintaining appropriate records and databases).

When we process your personal data to achieve such legitimate interests, we consider and balance any potential impact on you (both positive and negative), and your rights under data protection laws. We will not use your personal data for activities where our interests are overridden by the impact on you, for example where use would be excessively intrusive (unless, for instance, we are otherwise required or permitted to by law).

If you would like to change our use of your personal data, please contact us using the details in the “Contact us” section below.

Please see section 2.1 above for the limited legal basis for when we process sensitive personal data.


4. How we collect personal data

We collect information about you:


4.1 When you give it to us directly

You may give us your personal data in order to participate in the weekly draw, find out more about our services, apply for a role with us (please see additional privacy statement for role applicants) or when you otherwise engage with us on our Website.


4.2 When a third party provides us with your personal data

Your personal data may be shared with us by your local hospice, should they become a member of the Local Hospice Lottery. You should check their Privacy Policy when you provide your personal data to them in order to understand fully how they will process your personal data.


4.3 When you visit our Website

We may collect personal data about you when you use our Website. Whenever you input personal data into our Website (for example, if you sign up to play the weekly draw, or request any information from us), we will collect the personal data that you give to us.

We use “cookies” to identify you when you visit our Website and to enable us to remember your log in details. Amongst other things this helps us to understand our Website users and may enable us to improve the Website experience for you and/or other users. Please refer to our Cookies Policy for details on how and why we use this data.

We may collect other personal data from your use of the Website, such as your IP address and access times.

We may link our Website directly to other sites. This privacy policy does not cover external websites and we are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of those sites. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of any external websites you visit.


5. Communications and marketing

We will contact you by post, and where you have provided consent, also by telephone, e-mail and text message, to keep you updated on existing lottery products that you may be interested in, including our “Superdraw”, as well as any new services and products we think you will be interested in.

You can opt-out from receiving our marketing communications, or update your contact preferences at any time by emailing info@localhospicelottery.org.

Please see section 6 below for information on how you can receive communications from your chosen Local Hospice Lottery member hospice.

6. Data sharing

We do not sell your personal data with third parties for them to use for marketing purposes.

We will share your data with the particular member local hospice that you have chosen to support when you sign up to Local Hospice Lottery, so that the particular local hospice is aware of your support. We will also give you the opportunity, when you select the hospice you wish to support, to choose to receive communications from your chosen hospice. Such communications will include updates on the difference your support is making, and other opportunities to support the hospice. You will only receive these communications if you specifically choose to do so when you sign up to enter our weekly draw and select your chosen hospice.

We may allow our staff, consultants and/or external service providers acting on our behalf to access and use your personal data for the activities we have described above (e.g. to deliver mailings, to analyse data and to process payments). We only permit them to use it to deliver the relevant service, and if they apply appropriate levels of security protection.

We may need to disclose your personal data upon request to regulatory and government bodies as well as law enforcement agencies. We may also merge or partner with other organisations and in so doing, acquire or transfer personal data but your personal data would continue to be used for the purposes set out above.

7. Children’s data

We do not collect and manage data about children in any circumstances. It is illegal for anyone under 16 to access our services, and we have measures in place to ensure that we do everything we can to control underage playing.

8. How we keep your personal data safe and who has access to it

We are committed to ensuring that there are appropriate technical controls in place to protect your personal data including protection from misuse and unauthorised access. For example our network is protected and routinely tested.

Your information is only accessible by trained staff, volunteers and contractors.


9. Your rights

9.1 Right to restrict processing

In certain circumstances you have a right to require us to stop processing your personal data in a particular way.


9.2 Right to erasure

You have the right to request that your personal data is erased from our database in certain circumstances.


9.3 Right of access

You have a right to ask for a copy of the personal data we hold about you. If you want to access your personal data, please send a description of the personal data you want to see and proof of your identity by post to:

Data Protection Representative (Ref KO’C), Local Hospice Lottery Ltd, 204 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, CM2 0LG

Or by Email to:



9.4 Right to rectification

We also want to make sure that your personal data is accurate and up to date. Please let us know if your details change. You may also ask us to correct or remove personal data which is inaccurate.


9.5 Right to object

You can also opt-out of receiving all or some of our marketing communications or request that we stop processing personal data about you for certain purposes at any time by contacting us using the details below.


9.6 Right to data portability

In certain circumstances you have a right to data portability which means we will provide you (or a third party you nominate) with your personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.

Please note that you may only use/benefit from some of these rights in limited circumstances. For more information, we suggest that you consult guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) – https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/individual-rights/ – or please contact us using the details in section 12 below.


10. Complaints

If you are unhappy with the way in which we have handled your personal data please contact us using the details below.

Please let us know if you have any queries or concerns about the way that your personal data is being processed by us by contacting us on the details below. You are also entitled to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office. For further information see the Information Commissioner’s guidance here https://ico.org.uk/for-the-public/personal-information.


11. Data retention

We keep personal data for as long as there is a need to keep it in connection with the purposes for which it was collected. The length of time may depend on the reason for which we are processing the data and the type of data being processed. We will carefully and securely dispose of any data after the retention period has expired.

In the event that you ask us to stop sending you marketing communications, we will retain certain details, such as your name, to help us ensure that you are not contacted again.


12. Contact

Kevin O’Connell, Local Hospice Lottery Ltd, The Barn, Glandfields Farm, Chelmsford Road, Felsted, Essex CM6 3LT


0800 316 0645

13. Changes to this privacy policy

We keep our privacy policy under regular review. This privacy policy was last updated on 24th May 2018.

Cookie Policy

Play Responsibly

Local Hospice Lottery is regulated by the Gambling Commission under the Gambling Act of 2005 and makes every effort to operate in a socially responsible manner and to promote the lottery in such a way as to encourage supporters to gamble sensibly. Local Hospice Lottery does not permit anyone under the age of 18 to join the lottery, and has measures in place to ensure that we do everything in our power to prevent underage playing.


Playing the Local Hospice Lottery is an incentivised means of supporting your chosen hospice charity. However, before entering into any scheme which involves speculative spending, you are urged to remember the following:-


You should gamble only as a means of entertainment or to support your chosen charity – NOT to make money.
You should NOT try to gamble back money you have lost.
You should ONLY gamble as much as you can afford to spend or lose.
You should set yourself CLEAR limits beforehand on how much you can afford to spend.


Local Hospice Lottery cares about the people who play our lottery, recognising that it is a way for them to support their chosen hospice charity, and wants players to do so by gambling responsibly and within their means.


If you have any concerns about your gambling, we would encourage you to make contact with, and seek confidential advice and support from, a gambling support network. You can visit the GamCare website at www.gamcare.org.uk or the GambleAware website at www.begambleaware.org. Alternatively, you can contact the National Gambling Helpline by calling 0808 802 0133 at any time 24/7.


Local Hospice Lottery is also a member of both the Hospice Lotteries Association and the Lotteries Council who both, on behalf of their members, make financial contributions to GambleAware, www.begambleaware.org – an independent charity tasked to fund research, education and treatment services to help to reduce gambling-related harms in Great Britain.



Please note that self-exclusion is not the same as cancellation.
If you simply wish to cancel your membership, but not self-exclude, please click here.

Self-exclusion allows you the player to exclude yourself from future draws to accommodate your particular circumstances, which might include wishing to maintain responsible gambling levels. When you request to be excluded from future draws, we will work with you to ensure that you are not allowed to play the Local Hospice Lottery for the period of your choosing, which legally must be at least 6 months, but may be up to 5 years, if you so wish.

To confirm a wish to self-exclude, please fill in the form below; email us at info@localhospicelottery.org; write to us at FREEPOST LOCAL HOSPICE LOTTERY or call us on 0800 316 0645 – letting us know your full name and address and for how long you wish to be excluded from playing the Local Hospice Lottery (minimum 6 months).

Please note that if you currently pay by standing order or direct debit, you must also contact your bank immediately to cancel your subscription payments.

Once we receive your notification that you wish to self-exclude, we will remove you from any future draws you are allocated to and refund that money to you. We will not process any further applications or lottery payments from you during the self-exclusion period and will cease sending any marketing material to you.

If you are also gambling with other organisations, you may wish to consider whether to put similar arrangements in place with those as well. All gambling operators offer a similar self-exclusion facility.

If you feel that you are gambling more than you really want to, you can seek advice and support from trained counsellors at GambleAware by calling the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133 or visiting their website www.gambleaware.co.uk. There is also software available that you can install on your computer that will prevent access to gambling sites. For more information, go to www.netnanny.com or www.gamblock.com.

Even after your chosen self-exclusion period has expired, we will not contact you about our lottery and will continue to exclude you from receiving any marketing materials, unless you request otherwise. However, once the period has expired, if you wish to discontinue the self-exclusion arrangement and restart play in the Local Hospice Lottery, you should contact us by telephone and we will send you a form to complete. Following receipt of your completed form, we will contact you to confirm your intention and advise that a 24-hour cooling off period will apply, giving you time to consider if you have made the right decision, before you will be eligible to participate in the weekly draw again.


Self Exclusion Form

Your message has been sent
We will contact you shortly.

Concerns & complaints

We care what you think and your feedback helps us to review our procedures and make improvements if necessary. Please do let us know of any concerns or complaints you might have.

Any complaints or disputes will be dealt with in accordance with Local Hospice Lottery’s current policies and procedures – a copy of which could be made available on request at such time. In the event that a complaint or dispute cannot be resolved by these means, then it may be referred to arbitration. As a member of the Hospice Lotteries Association and the Lotteries Council, this will be conducted by The Independent Betting Adjudication Service Ltd.

Local Hospice Lottery’s Procedure for making a Complaint can be downloaded here


Thank you for your support of your local hospice through playing the Local Hospice Lottery, and we are sorry that you are cancelling your membership. To do so, please complete and submit the form below, and we will process your instruction as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can contact the lottery team on our Freephone 0800 316 0645.


Please note that if you pay for your lottery subscriptions by standing order or direct debit, you must contact your bank / building society to cancel the payment being made by them, otherwise your payments will continue to be received by Local Hospice Lottery
Please cancel my Local Hospice Lottery weekly draw activity with immediate effect.

Your message has been sent
We will contact you shortly.