Did you know that only a proportion of the funding Lewis-Manning Hospice Care needs is provided by the Government? This, alongside the COVID-19 pandemic, means that your support is more important than ever!

Working in partnership with Lewis-Manning Hospice Care, Local Hospice Lottery is proud to be one of the driving forces behind funding their incredible work – but we couldn’t do it without the support from local people like you! For only £5 per month, not only will you have the chance to win up to £25,000, you will also be able to make a direct impact on the Hospice's staff and help to provide strength, comfort and precious memories to families in need across East Dorset. CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW

Lending your support couldn’t be easier. Simply complete our secure form below (taking no more than 5 minutes) and you’re on your way! Once completed, you will receive your personal welcome pack in the post along with your unique game number/s and a special thank you from the Hospice.

Lewis-Manning Hospice Care is a local cause close to the hearts of many and your help is incredibly valued by the staff, volunteers, patients and their loved ones too. So from the bottom of our hearts - THANK YOU!

Further detail about prizes and how the Lottery works is available below

Pam's Story

“If I had to sum up what I feel about Lewis-Manning Hospice Care, I would say that I’ve had really incredible professional and medical support – in fact, the best medical support I could hope for and also, amazing emotional support . . .which is so important.”

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