Katharine House Hospice

Katharine House Hospice has been caring for people living with life limiting conditions across mid-Staffordshire since 1989. They aim to enable patients, and those close to them, to live life as fully as possible and make the most of the time that they have. The Hospice offers a welcoming, warm and safe environment, where hope is kept alive and laughter is often heard. But as a charity, Katharine House Hospice relies on the kindness and generosity of its local community to help generate 2/3rds of the funds needed (approx £3m each year) to continue their care.

Your lottery membership will help to fund the services outlined below:

  • INPATIENT CARE – Our Inpatient unit provides specialist palliative care. The team aims to manage patients’ physical symptoms and provide emotional, psychological and spiritual support. The Inpatient Unit also offers family and carers some respite whilst their loved ones are being cared for in a safe environment.
  • OUTPATIENT CARE – Our outpatient care offers a variety of appointments, treatments and activities for patients with a life limiting illness. The focus is on promoting wellbeing and rehabilitation to enable patients to live as well as they can. Patients will have access to appointments with a variety of Professionals including Drs, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, and Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialists, Counsellors, Lymphoedema, Complementary Therapies and Chaplaincy. There are a number of Wellbeing Programmes to support Patients and their Families with issues such as breathlessness, fatigue and other physical symptoms. We also provide emotional, psychological and spiritual support.
  • SOCIAL & SPIRITUAL CARE – The patient and family support services exist to promote emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being (and also practical signposting to outside agencies if required) for Katharine House patients, carers, family members and friends.
  • AT HOME SERVICES – The ‘Hospice at Home’ Team at Katharine House provide a rapid response service that aims to help support people in their own homes at the end of life. The Team provides specialist palliative care – including personal care – and can signpost and liaise with other local healthcare professionals to get the best outcomes for both the patient and their families. They also provide respite day sits to allow family members to go out or have a rest and night sits.

How playing the Local Hospice Lottery helps Katharine House Hospice

Profits from the Local Hospice Lottery help towards the running costs of Katharine House Hospice and provides a regular stream of income the Hospice can rely on receiving, each and every month. Not only does this help to provide their essential care and support to local families right now – it also allows the team to plan and develop their services for the future and meet the growing needs of mid-Staffordshire community.

In 2022, £11.9 million was raised from tickets purchased by players supporting all participating hospices, with 3% spent on prizes, 12% spent on administration and management and 19% reinvested to recruit new lottery players. The remaining 66% was given to hospice care – an amazing total of £7.8 million.

Local Hospice Lottery will give between 60% and 80% of profits from individuals playing in support of Katharine House Hospice to Katharine House Hospice. This is expected to be at least £1,400,000 over five years from July 2022.

For more information about the services provided by Katharine House Hospice and the other ways you can help:

Visit: www.khhospice.org.uk

Email: fundraising@khhospice.org.uk

Call:  01785 270808

Katharine House Hospice is a Registered Charity No. 1011712

Play the lottery in support of Katharine House Hospice