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It has always been extremely important to support our local hospices, but today it is more important than ever before. Because of your weekly £1s, we are still running our weekly draw and able to generate a regular and reliable income that Isabel Hospice can rely on. So THANK YOU!

The team at Isabel Hospice provide palliative care which aims to improve the quality of life for people who are living with any life-limiting illness across eastern Hertfordshire. This may include cancer, motor neurone disease and other neurological conditions as well as end stage renal, heart or lung conditions. The aims of palliative care are to control pain and other symptoms and help patients and families to deal with emotional, spiritual or practical questions, which may arise from their illness. It is a whole person approach where the person is not defined by their illness.

All of the Hospice’s care is given completely free of charge and it can be provided inside a patient’s own home by the Hospice at Home team, by the Living Well and community nursing teams online, or in the Hospice’s In-Patient Unit based in Welwyn Garden City.

Isabel Hospice relies heavily on donations from the local community to enable them to keep caring for those who need them. The cost of providing their essential services is currently budgeted at around £6.2 million per year which equates to £17,000 per day.

How playing the Local Hospice Lottery helps Isabel Hospice

Profits from the Local Hospice Lottery help towards the running costs of Isabel Hospice and provides a regular stream of income which the Charity can rely on receiving, each and every month.  Not only does this help to provide essential care and support to local families right now – it also allows future planning and development of the Hospice’s services for the future.

Isabel Hospice is one of a number of hospices throughout Great Britain supported by Local Hospice Lottery and for each £1.00 entry in the weekly draw, Local Hospice Lottery gives an average of 60p to Hospice care (significantly more than most other society lotteries). Local Hospice Lottery will give between 55% and 80% of profits from individuals playing in support of Isabel Hospice to Isabel Hospice. This is expected to be at least £1,200,000 over five years (from April 2021).

For more information about the services provided by Isabel Hospice and the other ways you can help:



Call:  01707 382500

Isabel Hospice is a registered charity, No. 1046826

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