About the Super Draws

Every year, Local Hospice Lottery holds Super Draws which provide players with the fantastic opportunity to win an additional £10,000 top prize! If you are a Local Hospice Lottery player, and your game number(s) is in credit, you will automatically be entered into the Super Draws.

Super Draws take place three times a year – during the last weeks of March and September and also in the week before Christmas. These Super Draws replace the regular weekly prize structure with the following prizes:

  • 1 x £10,000 prize
  • 1 x £2,000 prize
  • 1 x £1,000 prize
  • 1 x £100 prize
  • 8 x £25 prizes
  • 190 x £10 prizes

The rollover does not apply during Super Draws and ALL prizes are guaranteed to be won in the week that the Super Draw takes place.

The cost to play the Local Hospice Lottery is £5 per month, per game number. For months with only 4 lottery draws in them, your extra £1 will be accumulated to give you an extra entry into the Christmas Super Draw. Over a calendar year, providing that you make all scheduled payments for that year, you will accrue 7 or 8 extra entries into the Christmas Super Draw, depending on how many Monday draws take place in that year. If you join part-way through a calendar year, this will affect how many Christmas draw entries you accumulate.

If a payment is missed, any accumulated funds will be used to ensure entry into the next draw and will impact on the number of extra entries you accrue for the Christmas Draw.

If you cancel your monthly subscription before the 1st December, any additional entries you have accrued throughout that year will be entered into the subsequent weekly draws, and will not be entered as additional entries into the Christmas draw.

To find out more about the weekly prizes and your odds of winning, visit the ‘Prizes and odds of winning‘ page


One of our previous £10,000 Super Draw winners, Mr Paton, said;

I hadn’t heard of Local Hospice Lottery until I picked up a leaflet in Raigmore Hospital where my partner, Helen, was receiving treatment for breast cancer. I thought it looked like a really good way to support Highland Hospice as I know they do a great job. So Helen and I both signed up.

“What a surprise I got when a representative from the Lottery arrived at my door with a cheque for £10,000! I still can’t quite believe it! I am absolutely delighted to be a Super Draw winner and would urge anyone to play the Local Hospice Lottery – it is only £1 a week and every little bit helps.

“I’m using my winnings to pay my car off, which is saving me a huge amount of money every month. I have also signed up for another chance in the weekly draw as it’s the least I can do to give something back!