Our £3,000 Rollover winner, Sandra!

Sandra (left) started playing the Local Hospice Lottery in 2019, after seen first-hand the care Katharine House Hospice gave to her friend Cathy. Just two years later, her husband also benefitted from the Hospice’s support when he was diagnosed with bowel cancer.


“The first day he was sat up in bed doing crosswords and he looked happy. It really lifted the family and was priceless. The staff were amazing and I couldn’t put into words what the charity do. It was like a different world” – Sandra, Clive’s wife


Sadly, five weeks after first attending the Hospice, Clive passed away. Therefore we were delighted for Sandra when she won an amazing £3,000 from our Rollover in December, just in time for Christmas!


“I’m glad I signed up for the Local Hospice Lottery” said Sandra “although I didn’t go in to win it. I think the Hospice is a very good, worthwhile cause and would really like to get more people to join. I cannot emphasise how important it is to get involved, because this charity needs to keep going, to do what they do best. Where else are you going to get that kind of care?”


It costs £3.7 million a year for Katharine House Hospice to deliver their vital care to patients such as Clive. Playing the Local Hospice Lottery is a great way to help by providing the Hospice with a regular and reliable income and you never know – you could be a winner like Sandra too!