What your support means – Susan’s Story

Everything changed for 47 year old Susan when she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer in 2012. She had always been very active and cycled everywhere from her home in Hackney. Susan loved art and photography, which had always been front and centre of her life.

When she started having Chemotherapy treatment, Susan received a phone call from a nurse at St Joseph’s Hospice ,offering their support. It was a huge bombshell as she hadn’t ever considered using a hospice. Isn’t that where people go to die? If so, why were they calling her? It took her a while to think about it, but eventually she decided to go and take a look.

When she visited the Hospice, Susan was introduced to their art therapist, Jody. Jody soon became Susan’s rock and enabled her to create some really powerful pieces of art depicting Susan’s feelings about her illness. Susan also took advantage of the acupuncture, reflexology and massage on offer and gradually the Hospice became part of her cycle route. As her illness progressed and the pain became difficult to cope with, Susan was also offered respite care at the Hospice. She really benefited from being looked after and the stays helped her to maintain her independence.

Susan died in the Hospice on 20th December 2015 with her sister, Karen, by her side and Kate Bush’s song ‘Running up that hill’ playing. She was just 51.

Karen, says, “The nursing staff were all so supportive. They enabled Susan to live life as much as she could and as well as she could. St Joseph’s Hospice became her crutch and they were always there to support her.”

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