Terms and Conditions

Choosing the hospice you wish to support

Local Hospice Lottery provides funds for hospice care throughout different parts of Great Britain. A list of the hospices which benefit from Local Hospice Lottery is available on our website or on request. The application form completed by players as a request to join this membership lottery will be used to identify the hospice that the player wishes to support. A proportion of the payment the player makes will go directly to the hospice that is chosen. Local Hospice Lottery will process the application based on this information and will ensure the proportions of payments from the player’s membership are paid to the relevant hospice in line with Local Hospice Lottery’s contractual obligations.

Joining the lottery

On receipt of a request to join this membership lottery, the Local Hospice Lottery office will send you an introduction letter advising you of your unique game number (or numbers); a membership card for easy reference; and further information about Local Hospice Lottery and how your support benefits hospice care. This information will clearly identify the hospice you have chosen. Your unique game number will be generated randomly by our lottery software during the process of setting you up as a new member. Local Hospice Lottery (the Promoter) may also reject an application, at their discretion, if they consider they have sufficient reason to do so. The applicant would have the right to appeal against such a decision.

Lottery subscriptions

In return for your subscription payment your unique game number will be entered into the weekly draw, which is normally carried out every Friday. The cost of entry is £1 per chance, per draw, payable in advance.

We are required by law to collect payments in advance of all of our draws. After we have received your payment we need time to collate the details of all the participants for that week and input them into the lottery software in preparation for the draw. ‘Back payments’ cannot be accepted.

Payment can be made by regular standing order, direct debit, cheque, credit or debit card (by telephone) or through a Local Hospice Lottery agent (if this option is available in your area).

Local Hospice Lottery cannot accept liability for the loss of or delays in or theft of any communication sent either by post, email or fax, or for any delays in the banking system.

Prizes and Result Publication

You will be notified in writing of any prize that you win within 21 days of the draw. A cheque for your prize amount will be sent with your notification letter.

Our winning numbers are published weekly on our website at www.localhospicelottery.org or are available on request by email or via post if sent with a stamped addressed envelope. A number of the hospices that Local Hospice Lottery works with may also publish the results on their websites and/or display the weekly results on posters in their shops.

Uncashed Prize Cheques

Cheques are valid for 6 months from date of issue. Any cheques that are not cashed after six months will be deemed to be cancelled and treated as a donation to the hospice you have chosen to support.


Local Hospice Lottery promises to comply with all Data Protection Act requirements to protect your personal data for the purposes of administering your participation in the weekly draw and communicating with you about your membership. Local Hospice Lottery will not share your data with third parties for marketing purposes, except with the charity of your choice. Unless otherwise indicated by you, your chosen hospice may occasionally send you information to keep you up to date with the work that your contributions help to fund.

Age verification

The requirements of the Gambling Act 2005 mean that Local Hospice Lottery now has a statutory duty to verify that all players are at least 16 years old.
It is an offence for anyone under the age of 16 to participate in a lottery, and discovery thereof will result in the refunding of all subscription credits and, if applicable, the withholding or reclaiming of any prizes won in the weekly draw.

By submitting your request to join this lottery, you are agreeing to Local Hospice Lottery being able to carry out checks in any way it deems appropriate.

Standing Order and Direct Debit payments

Your written authority is required to set up a regular payment using the standing order method, unless you choose to liaise directly with your bank, in which case we request that a quoting reference (supplied by us) is added to your mandate.

Direct debits can be set up in writing, on-line or via the telephone and subject to the Direct Debit guarantee. Your standing order or direct debit record will be retained for a period of at least three years following your final payment.

Monthly subscriptions of £4.34 via these methods includes 34p which accumulates and funds the extra weeks in 5 week months.


If you wish to cancel your membership you may do so at any time. Cancellations received after 5pm on a Wednesday may not be actioned until after the ensuing Friday draw. Please contact the lottery team on 0845 122 0772, or email us at info@localhospicelottery.org.


It is the policy of Local Hospice Lottery not to give refunds once the payment has been processed onto the lottery software. In the case of standing order payments where the player’s bank errs in the amount or frequency of payment requested by the player, and over-subscribes as a result, a refund will be offered.

If a player leaves with a credit of less than £1 Local Hospice Lottery will treat such amounts as a donation to the hospice you have chosen to support.

Entry into Draws

Should you at any time wish to confirm that you have been, or will be, entered into a draw, please contact the Local Hospice Lottery team on 0845 122 0772, or email us at info@localhospicelottery.org..

Complaints & Disputes

Any complaints or disputes will be dealt with in accordance with Local Hospice Lottery’s current policies and procedures – a copy of which would be made available on request at such time. In the event that a complaint or dispute cannot be resolved by these means, then it may be referred to arbitration. As a member of the Hospice Lotteries Association and the Lotteries Council, this will be conducted by The Independent Betting Adjudication Service Ltd. (IBAS)

Right to amend

The Local Hospice Lottery generally reserves the right to amend or modify these terms and conditions without notice.
It is the responsibility of the player to advise us of any change of address or of any other change to their membership details, as appropriate.

Responsible Gambling

Local Hospice Lottery is a member of the Hospice Lotteries Association and the Lotteries Council who on behalf of their members make financial contributions to the Responsible Gambling Trust www.responsiblegamblingtrust,org.uk an organisation with the sole aim of fundraising to assist with problem gambling. Further support can also be found at the Gamble Aware website www.gambleaware.co.uk.


Any requests to be self excluded from Local Hospice Lottery – either by telephone or email – will be actioned with immediate effect. Anyone wishing to use this facility will not then be able to participate in Local Hospice Lottery for a minimum of 6 months thereafter.

Company information

Local Hospice Lottery Ltd is licensed by the Gambling Commission (www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk) under the Gambling Act 2005, and is a member of the Hospice Lotteries Association and the Lotteries Council.

Local Hospice Lottery Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Farleigh Hospice and is registered with limited liability No. 3226004. Promoter: Local Hospice Lottery Ltd, North Court Road, Chelmsford CM1 7FH. Farleigh Hospice is a registered charity, no. 284670.

Local Hospice Lottery benefits a number of hospice charities throughout Great Britain, click here to select your hospice