What your support means – Sarah’s Story

By playing the Local Hospice Lottery  for just £1 per week, you can help to ensure that local hospices such as Dorothy House are able to keep caring for people like Sarah and her mum.


“Mum and I were always very close and I was stunned when she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. But then I visited her at Dorothy House in Winsley – I thought hospices were for one reason – you go there to die, and I expected it to be sterile and like a hospital. That was far from the truth – it was amazingly beautiful and the staff treated Mum with great dignity, kindness and love.

“They always had time to talk, listen, or just to give you a hug when you needed it. Mum loved it and said it was where she wanted to go at the end.

“Now, I know that death is normal and being scared is the most normal thing in the world, but with the support of Dorothy House, your perceptions can change. Dorothy House is amazing, but it’s also essential. Everyone should have access to this level of support which is why I’d encourage as many people as possible to join the Local Hospice Lottery.”

Dorothy House Hospice Care is one of over twenty hospices currently benefiting from the Local Hospice Lottery. By sharing management costs and overheads, Local Hospice Lottery is able to ensure that people get to support the hospice of their choice – whilst also offering a larger prize fund for players and providing more money for hospice care.

By becoming a member of Local Hospice Lottery for as little as just £1 per week, you can help to ensure that local hospices such as Dorothy House Hospice Care are able to keep caring for people like Sarah’s mum, both now and in the future. And with as many as 7,900 cash prizes being issued automatically every year and the chance to win up to £25,000 – there really couldn’t be an easier way to help AND be in with a great chance of winning. It’s win-win! Click here to sign up today!